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AWP Operator Training Support Kit


The AWP Operator Training Support kit won a LLEAP Silver Award 2010 in the category "Aftermarket Support Products and Services". Read about the award-winning OTS kit.

What is AWP Operator Training Support?
Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Operator Training Support materials were designed as an aid to dealers, owners and users to support them in creating and developing a quality training program to deliver consistent and effective training to aerial lift operators.

What do the training support materials consist of?
AWP Operator Training Support comes in a box that includes:
• Framework for creating a successful training program
• Notes on Getting Started
• Aerial Work Platform Training CD
• Laminated test papers (Options ‘A’ and ‘B’)
• Answer key (Options ‘A’ and ‘B’)
• Assessment booklet
• AWP Operator Practical Test Plan
• Certificate of Completion cards
• Operator Use and Familiarization Log
• Generic Risk Assessment/Rescue Plan
• Access to IPAF’s Technical Guidance Note H1 on Personal Fall Protection in Aerial Work Platforms, F1 on Familiarization, and DVD “Only Dummies Don’t’ Wear Harnesses on Booms”
• Information brochure on becoming an IPAF-approved training center

Who should use AWP Operator Training Support materials?
Aerial work platform manufacturers, dealers, distributors and rental outlets who wish to comply with ANSI standards A92.2, A92.3, A92.5 and A92.6 and OSHA standards 1910.67, 1910.68, 1926.453 and 1926.452(w).

Is AWP Operator Training Support a complete training program?
The training material by itself does not constitute a complete training program. This training aid will assist in the creation of a program. Alternatively, contact IPAF North America to participate in its full training program.

How can AWP Operator Training Support materials be purchased?
AWP Operator Training Support materials cost $345 per kit, excluding shipping. There are special prices for ordering in bulk: 2 to 10 kits cost $245 each and 11 or more kits cost $165 each. Click on this online form to order.

Queries on AWP Operator Training Support can be directed to:

IPAF North America
225 Placid Drive
Schenectady, NY 12303
Tel: +1 518 280 2486
Fax: +1 518 689 6800


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