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It was announced to the IPAF Council meeting held 25th September 2014 in Cologne, Germany that a former member, EGI Platforms, had fraudulently represented itself as being a current member of the International Powered Access Federation. The incident involved a tender for work in Brazil that required tendering companies to be members of IPAF. A letter was produced in support of the tender which appeared to be from IPAF and confirmed that EGI was a long standing member of IPAF. The letter was a forgery and was not issued by an official of IPAF.

With regret the IPAF Council notes that EGI was expelled from the Federation in 2007 for non payment of membership dues. The IPAF Council wishes to make clear that EGI is not currently a member of IPAF. A full list of all current members can be found at www.awpt.org


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