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Health and safety alerts are issued by companies often to advise their employees or agents of immediate actions to take following an accident or incident in service. They are internal documents that are not intended for external circulation and are often pre-cursors to detailed investigations.

The factors leading to an incident or accident involving an AWP may be related to any combination of machine specific, maintenance or operational circumstances. It is important that assumptions are not made on the causal factors or blame assumed until any necessary, detailed investigation has been carried out.

Recently, concerns have been raised with rental companies because an internal Health and Safety Alert became public knowledge. IPAF wishes to make it clear that its members are committed to promoting the safe design and use of AWPs and will advise at the earliest opportunity of any serious, imminent risks to health and safety. IPAF suggests that, where there are concerns, the company issuing the Health and Safety Alert should be contacted and if necessary the manufacturer.

IPAF has received the following manufacturer product alerts.
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Manufacturers are invited to place product advisories and alerts by e-mailing IPAF.

Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia (EWPA)

The Australian Elevating Work Platform Association (EWPA) has issued a memo dated November 1, 2013 along with a bulletin from September 2012  to raise awareness of the Australian requirements for "protection against inadvertent/accidental operation of the upper control box joystick on scissor lifts".

Further information can be found at the EWPA website http://ewpa.com.au/resources/mewp-operator-controls



Genie Z135/70 (HSE safety alert dated 2014/02/04)

Genie issues Z-135/70 safety notice (news story dated 2013/07/29)

Genie safety notices

Safety alert from the Australian Department of Justice and Attorney-General on Haulotte H16TPX boom type AWPs


Land Rover







Official statement from the Italian government on Zelig F 800 EN and F 800 ES scissor lifts and Scala Universal Pistoia (SUP) K 260 VMP (Uploaded 2005/11/01)


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