Become an IPAF member
You first need to become a member of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). This gives you access to a whole range of services including lobbying and representation, insurance, a technical hotline and business information. IPAF is the single international body dedicated to promoting the safe and effective use of powered access. Membership dues are payable annually.

Apply to become an IPAF-approved training center
Fill out the training center application, enclose proof of insurance and return it to IPAF with the deposit fee (minimum of 10 percent of training center one-time appointment fee). IPAF will audit your premises and training facilities.

Qualify your IPAF instructor(s)
At the same, ensure that you have at least one of your employees qualified as an IPAF instructor. Your instructor candidate will normally need to prove experience of operating aerial work platforms (AWPs) and is required to successfully complete a 2-3 day instructor training course at an IPAF-approved training center with a senior instructor. Your instructor will then be approved to deliver IPAF operator training.

Get approved and set up
When your training center application has been approved, return the signed training center contract with the training center fee (the remaining 90 percent of the appointment fee). You will receive a training center pack that includes your operations manual and materials needed to begin training. The operations manual defines all the requirements and standards for training for a Training Center to follow.

Ready to train
You can now set prices for the courses that you run, advertise availability and start training! You will be provided with a log-in to begin registering your training classes with IPAF.


Why provide training

IPAF training is in demand and is good business for you. You can earn additional revenue and set the course fees for the training you provide.

Help improve safety in the workplace. Most legislation, covering occupational safety and health obligations, accident prevention and work at height regulations, require employers to provide proper and adequate training in the use of work equipment.

Provide better service to your customers by enabling their platform operators to work more efficiently, safely and productively. – International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)